Not Done Yet


When the team at Sabra acquired Care Capital Properties, a deal that would more than double their size, the street was both curious and cautious. “What they don’t understand, says CEO Rick Mattros, is that we are building a better REIT...”

“...And we’re not done yet.”

Uniquely Positioned To Succeed

Operational expertise and entrepreneurial spirit. Deep industry knowledge and a strong balance sheet. These are Sabra’s strengths and they help them to deliver long-term value to shareholders. We help them tell their compelling story through a progressive website and engaging commuications materials.

It’s Not Just The Numbers

The website, investor presentations, annual reports and industry reports provide all the technical information any investor could want. But the numbers, without context, do not tell the story. In the process of developing investor presentations, we learned that the investor deck was a leave behind. “We don’t use it except to illustrate a point.” We just tell our story because “What investors don’t understand is...”

We gave them context by telling the stories and providing not just the numbers but the perspective. The inside baseball. The messages resonated.

Investors Take Note

The strategy has been well received by Wall Street. Sabra is a capable and infinately confident competitor at the forefront of healthcare delivery and they are here to stay. We look forward to helping them design their future and bask in their continued success.

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