The Nation's Foremost Healthcare Reit


Ventas Inc., an S&P 500 company, is the premier capital provider to leading seniors housing, healthcare companies and research institutions. Back in 2010, Ventas was on the brink of closing a deal that would catapult the company to the uppermost echelon of the industry—the largest healthcare REIT in the country. The executive team was determined to mark this defining moment in the company’s history with an ambitious and comprehensive re-branding effort.

Powerful, Timeless and Sophisticated

If you want to be the industry leader, you’d better look like it. Ventas has delivered outstanding results for nearly two decades. Their reputation is, and always has been, beyond reproach. As an organization, they are disciplined, precise and smart. The distinctive logomark, with its clean lines, distinctive features and powerful clarity is the perfect representation of this dynamic company.

Ventas Logo

Setting the Standard

The Ventas brand is a continually developing conversation as the company grows and evolves. And, its strength and consistency come directly from the tenets and standards established at its creation. The brand guidelines ensure that materials created adhere to strict visual standards to ensure consistency across all communications channels.

People and Properties

Ventas has nearly 500 employees and more than 1200 properties. To understand the company, we needed to tell the story of the people who make it all happen and the portfolio that delivers returns year-after-year. Working with our team and photographers Charlie Westerman and David Ward, we developed compelling images and other brand assets to help us tell this important story.

And, the Numbers...

At the end of the day, it’s all about results. With a compound annual return north of 20 percent since 2000, you can bet we are going to tell that story. The annual report to shareholder is just one of many communications we designed to showcase their strong performance. We developed streamlined infographics and charts to give stakeholders a quick overview of the highlights.

The Digital Experience

Focused on institutional investors, the robust and responsive website is the primary communication channel. The site was designed to provide quick access to important financial information, presentations and documents. We also designed the corporate intranet to be the hub of internal communications.


Awards, accolades and achievements. We help Ventas tell their important stories.

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